引体向上,华丽的! You don’t have to go under the knife to get the pronounced and proportional chin of your dreams. n是可能的onsurgical c欣增大. This custom combination of 皮下注射 and 肉毒杆菌®, available at our Corona and 纽波特海滩,, med spas, gives you a smooth and sculpted chin in minutes.
  • 1 syringe of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC 
  • 6 units of 肉毒杆菌 Cosmetic to smooth away “chin-ullite” 
  • 山金车 supplements to speed healing 
  • Earn $20 ALLĒ rewards to use at your next appointment 


What Does the 下巴#目标 Package Include? 

This BG真人馆 includes everything you need to get stunning nonsurgical 下巴增大 results:

  • JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC: Adds volume to the chin to balance your facial proportions, frame your face beautifully, 创造一个更强大的, more defined chin without surgery.
  • 肉毒杆菌: This injectable neurotoxin is the best way to smooth away dimpling that looks like cellulite on the chin. 

Together, this creates a truly gorgeous transformation—one some people even get surgery to achieve. But you get it all with a few quick injections performed by our specially trained team.  

Can I Get Chin Augmentation and KYBELLA® Done in the Same Appointment?

Looking for a little extra chin and jawline definition? KYBELLA dissolves away the excess fat under your chin, making a “double chin” disappear and giving your lower face an even slimmer and sharper look. You can have both of these treatments done at the same time for the ultimate result in our 下颌的轮廓上的点 BG真人馆.  

How Is Chin Augmentation Different for Men?

Male 下巴增大 works in the same way: using 肉毒杆菌 to smooth the skin and adding fillers to enhance the shape and size of your chin. The main difference is that men may need a little extra filler to create an exquisitely chiseled and masculine-looking chin.

What to Expect at Your Chin Augmentation Appointment

You’ll start by talking over all your goals and designing your dream look with your highly trained and experienced injector. Your injector will then administer a few injections into your chin to bring that look to life. The whole process typically takes less than half an hour—perfect for a lunch break!

Is Chin Augmentation Painful? 

We use topical numbing creams and an injectable numbing agent to make sure you’re totally numb and at ease during your treatment. We’re all about keeping you comfortable—it’s one reason our clients love coming to us for their injections!

What Is Recovery Like After Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation?

It’s normal to have some swelling for the first few days and up to about a week. You may also have a little redness or minor bruising around your injection sites, which you can cover up with makeup the next day. Your BG真人馆 includes the natural healing supplement 山金车 to speed you through the recovery process as quickly as possible.

How Long Does Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation Last?

Chin filler lasts about a year and 肉毒杆菌 lasts about 3 months. Come in for a quick maintenance appointment after a few months and we’ll keep you looking fabulous.

How Much Does Chin Augmentation With Fillers Cost in Orange County & 河滨县?

This BG真人馆 is priced at $999.00. 然而, because we fully customize your treatment to give you the best outcome, your price may vary a bit depending on the amount of product used. We’ll give you a pricing estimate during your consultation.


Ready to visit our med spas in Newport Beach or Corona for an injectable 下巴增大? Give us a call or text us at (855) 977-1982. Did you know you can meet with an injector to talk about your treatment without leaving home? 看看BG真人馆 虚拟咨询.