Cutera®IPL Photofacial

Cutera®强脉冲光疗法(IPL), 或photofacial, uses powerful pulses of light to correct the appearance of sun spots, 酒渣鼻, 老年斑, 粗糙的BG真人馆纹理. Cutera IPL photofacials at our Newport Beach and 电晕,, locations require minimal downtime and visibly rejuvenate the face and chest by reducing pigmented spots and evening out your skin’s coloration.


  • 减少黑斑和变色
  • BG真人馆明显照亮
  • 治疗时间:1小时
  • 最小的停机时间
  • 长期的结果 


  • 老年斑
  • 晒伤
  • 雀斑
  • 胎记
  • 蜘蛛静脉
  • 酒渣鼻
  • 脸上和身体上多余的毛发 


IPL uses intense pulsed light to break up excess pigmentation in the skin. It addresses brown spots by targeting melanin particles, which then rise to the surface of your skin and flake away. 为红色色素沉着, 比如蜘蛛静脉或酒渣鼻, it breaks down blood vessels near your skin’s surface, 然后身体会自然吸收哪些物质. 这是一个有效的, noninvasive way to address uneven coloration at the source so you can feel confident in your complexion without makeup.   



IPL 全身使用是否安全. 向左滑动是一个例子.

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The best candidate for IPL is someone who has sun-damaged, hyperpigmented, or discolored skin and is looking for more even coloration. BG真人馆经常用雀斑来治疗人, 老年斑, 酒渣鼻, and other forms of red and brown pigmentation. Because the treatment also stimulates collagen production in the skin, 它对毛孔粗大有帮助, 细纹, 粗糙的BG真人馆纹理, 太. We treat patients concerned about melasma with Lumecca IPL

IPL is a bit riskier for darker skin tones as it carries a higher chance of unwanted changes in skin pigmentation. 如果你在服用维甲酸, you’ll need to stop taking it 6 months before your treatment to avoid any negative side effects. If you’re looking to treat active acne or acne scars, you may want to give our 激光创世纪 治疗一试.  


Most people feel little to no pain during an IPL treatment. Some people say the light pulses feel like a rubber band snap. We’ll make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during your session.  

在治疗期间, you’ll wear eye protection as your provider passes the device's handpiece over your targeted areas. You’ll notice some powerful flashes of light as the energy is directed into your skin. 一个小时或更短的时间后,你就可以完成了!  


Things to avoid before an IPL treatment include: 

  • 阳光直射
  • 晒黑床
  • 打蜡
  • 化学换肤
  • 胶原蛋白注射
  • Drugs that increase your bleeding risk, such as aspirin and ibuprofen
  • Creams or other products that contain vitamin A, such as Retin A, or glycolic acid 

You should also let us know about any inflammatory skin conditions you may have that might affect your healing time.  


在你预约后的几小时内, 你的BG真人馆可能是粉红色的, 敏感的, 又肿, 像一个晒伤. You’ll need to wear plenty of SPF and avoid direct sun exposure during the first couple of weeks as your skin will be especially 敏感的 to UV rays.  

After a few days, you’ll notice your pigmented spots darkening even more. 别担心! 不久,这, they’ll naturally flake off and leave behind more a more evenly colored skin surface.


Most people find their IPL results last about a year, and even longer with annual touch-up treatments. You might need a couple of sessions to see your best results initially, which we’ll talk over with you during your consultation.  

让你的BG真人馆看到光与IPL. 开始, 预约 在线或电话 (855) 977-1982.